Historic operations: Operating and maintaining the Settle-Carlisle Railway prior to 1989


As explained on the initial 'History' page, our long-term objective for this section is to present, summarise, list and / or link-to the best available material relating to the historical operation / maintenance of railways in general and of the Settle-Carlisle Railway in particular. Our initial offering (to get things on the right track) is as follows:

Recommended reading

Wikipedia offers two pages that provide a useful introduction to railway operations and maintenance (past and present) and these are recommended reading for anyone with limited knowledge or experience of such matters:

The National Railway Museum website hosts a small but fascinating collection of oral histories (audio recordings with accompanying text transcripts) dedicated to railway-related memories spanning almost a century:

A small initial selection of History Posts for 'Historic Operations' are listed below and these include a post entitled "Reference sources for historic operations" that contains a small selection of additional reference sources relating directly to railway operations / maintenance.

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History Posts for 'Historic Operations'

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In the early 1940s, Albert Knight and his brother were firemen on the Midland section of the London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) and were based at Saltley locomotive depot near Birmingham. They regularly fired 'Black Fives' hauling freight on the seven-hour, forty-five minute / 225-mile run from Water Orton sidings to Carlisle Durran...

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Attached article w
ritten by Albert Knight and first published (in serial form) in the August 2010, November 2010 and May 2011 issues of the FoSCL Journal.

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In his fascinating 19 page article (see attached), Rodney Hampson (Station Master at Dent from March 1952 to September 1955) paints a vivid word-picture of railway operations at Dent, Garsdale and Ribblehead railway stations during the 1950s and of rural life in the remote communities of Dentdale, Garsdale and upper Ribblesdale during the same...

History Post written by Mark Harvey.
Attached article written in 2010 by Rodney Hampson and first published (in serial form) in the August 2010, November 2010, May 2011, August 2011, and November 2011 issues of the FoSCL Journal.

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Publications and other reference sources available on-line High-resolution map of the Midland Railway's System in 1922: A copy of this, scanned by the Midland Railway Society from the Midland Railway Company's Annual Report and Accounts for 1922, can be downloaded from: http://www.midlandrailway.org.uk/maps/system-map.html. A...

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