History of FoSCL: The origins and development of the Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line

Introduction (and a plea for your help)

We would very much like to develop this section into a comprehensive history of the Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line. However, this can only be done if the people involved are willing to document what they know - especially with regard to the early years. If you have any information relating to this subject that you are willing to share, please tell us what you know by either:

  1. adding a post, or a comment on an existing post, in the 'History of the Friends' section of the members' forum (accessible to signed-in FoSCL Members only) - see: http://www.foscl.org.uk/forums/history-foscla/history-friends, or
  2. using the 'Contact us' facility - see: https://www.foscl.org.uk/content/contact-us-form

To get the ball rolling, a few relevant items have been gathered together from a variety of sources and uploaded as 'History Posts' - see below:

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History Posts for 'The History of FoSCL'

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My admiration for the Settle and Carlisle line extends back to 1958 when I first took a journey over the line from Carlisle to Leeds on the ‘Waverley’ express from Edinburgh to Leeds. We arrived in Carlisle behind a Class A3 Pacific, 60079 Bayardo. Engines were changed and two locomotives came on the front of the train, a class 5 4-6-0...

Written by Peter G. Davies.
First published in the August 2011 issue of the FoSCL Journal.

Date posted: 2014-Jan-20 12:19:36   /   Date last updated: 2014-Mar-17 13:37:02
My first meeting with the FOSCLA Committee (as it was then) was somewhat unnerving. It must have been around 1986 and I had just moved up to Lowgill from London. Jenifer and I had been invited (or it might have been the other way round!) to a meeting at the remote Appleby Manor Hotel. It was on a winter’s afternoon, already dark, with the...

Written by David Alison.
First published in the Aug 2011 issue of the FoSCL Journal.

Date posted: 2014-Jan-20 12:44:50   /   Date last updated: 2014-Mar-17 13:36:53
Standing by the side of the branch line at Coupland Beck, between Appleby and Warcop, was very peaceful on 21st November 1981. I had gone by train to Appleby and then cycled out into the countryside to photograph celebrity Class 40 diesel loco 40106, which was scheduled to appear later on, as part of the Kings Cross – Appleby – Warcop...

Written by Pete Shaw.
First published in the August 2011 issue of the FoSCL Journal.

Date posted: 2014-Jan-20 12:06:23   /   Date last updated: 2014-Mar-17 13:36:43
I read with great interest the reflections on the early days of FOSCL which were published in the August Magazine. As I was closely involved, particularly on the campaign to save the Line from closure, I thought I should add my own recollections. I joined the FOSCL Committee in early 1986 and served until my retirement 23 years later in 2009. It...

Written by Edward Album in October 2011.
First published in the November 2011 issue of the FoSCL Journal.

Date posted: 2014-Jan-20 11:56:27   /   Date last updated: 2014-Mar-17 13:36:34
I shall begin my recollections of the early years with an introduction of how I became involved with such a remote line. In the mid 1960s I was actively involved with a preserved railway where I became acquainted with David Burton, who would become the founding Chairman of the Friends. He introduced me to the line before the local Skipton -...

Written by Brian Sutcliffe M.B.E..
First published in the August 2011 issue of the FoSCL Journal.

Date posted: 2014-Jan-20 12:58:11   /   Date last updated: 2014-Mar-17 13:36:18