SCRCA Image: 231281_19xx-xx-xx_BSw_RS_Hellifield-Station-NW-Bay-and-view-to-NW

Hellifield Station: view to northwest across bay platform

Hellifield Station: view to northwest across bay platform
SCRCA Project Contributor: Bob Swallow

Contributor's Reference: PICT0029

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1: Context view

Image Notes

Description: A view to the northwest across the northwest bay platform of Hellifield Station with a passenger train hauled by an unidentified steam locomotive on the 'Down' main line (left-centre). Part of Hellifield North Junction Signal Box is visible (right-centre).

Date: Not known.

General notes: This image forms part of Bob Swallow's personal collection. Its clarity / quality has been adversely affected by the transfer from print to 35mm slide and, more recently, from slide to digital image. However, it is still clear enough to provide interesting and valuable information.

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