SCRCA Note: Hellfield Station 360 degree image set

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The images in this 'snippet' (note) were taken (with prior permission) on the 8th May 2012 from the northwest end of the 'Up' platform at Hellfield Station. They provide a 360 degree record of the status (demolished vs. extant) of the railway-related structures at the NW end of the station on that date.

The main station building and platform canopy visible in images 'Down-1' and 'Up-5' lie to the southeast of the camera position. The railway tracks visible in these images are the 'Up' loop and the 'Up main line - the latter leading to Hellifield Junction.

The railway tracks visible in images 'Down-5' and 'Up-1' lie to the northwest of the camera position and they lead towards Settle Junction.

To view a larger (1200 pixel wide) version of an image, click or tap on the image (as appropriate for the device being used). Unfortunately, it has not been possible to include these images in the slideshow.

'Down side'







'Up side'







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