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Figure 46 shows in two sections the track layout at Ormside based upon information from a Midland Road survey from 1912.

Plate 133 is a context view of Ormside station from the south east.  The station building is a No 3 (small) building with light and dark stonework.

Original proposals were for a station at Asby, the next village south of Ormside.  This would have resulted in a passenger station in the vicinity of Grisedale some three miles away.  Later representations from local landowners resulted in the site being moved to this location.

Plate 133 also shows the signal box (/scrca/structure-summary/274860) which was brought into use in 1907.  It is of wood construction, measured 16ft 6in x 11ft 6in x 8ft, with a 16 lever tumbler frame and had a renewal cost of £250 (W & W Committee Minute No 22118, 2/11//1906).  The box closed on 8 March 1960, from which time, although signal arms were removed, the pointwork remained secured in the normal position.

Plate 134 shows the station, the stationmaster’s house (/scrca/structure-summary/274840) and workers’ cottages (/scrca/structure-summary/274830) which formed a small community beside the railway but some distance from the village of Great Ormside.  Goods facilities, which were minimal, were not decided upon until 1876.  All traffic to this station ceased in June 1952.

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