Talk on the past 30 years of the Settle-Carlisle line

Event details

Date and time: Fri 29 Aug 2014 (19:00)
Location: Folly Museum, Settle
Additional notes: for bookings or phone 01729 822893

We have a railway room at the Folly Museum, Settle, which largely due to the help of the 'Friends' is a brilliant display of the Settle Carlisle railway. This year being the 25th anniversary of the saving of the line there are lots of extras in there, the late Derek Soames's family have loaned some truly fascinating and quirky items, Sarah Hutton, artist in residence changes her display each month as well as displaying some of her sketch books and notes, Simon Whalley photographer in residence has photos on display. I mention all this as on the 29th August at 7pm in the Folly to tie in with the Anniversary,Terry Hanson is to give an illustrated talk '30 years of the Leeds to Carlisle Railway from the Line Side', having seen some of the photographs he will be showing it promises to be a great celebration of the line, from a very dedicated supporter.
Tickets are £7 and can be booked via 01729 822893 plus more information at the Folly and on our website

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