Morecambe Line walk: Clapham to Bentham 10m MS ** Updated **

Walk leader:

Newby - Easegill Force - Ingleton - Burton in Lonsdale.


Note: Following a check of the planned route, the leader has discovered a number of significant hazards which make it unsuitable.  These include badly damaged stiles and erosion following storm damage.

As a result the walk will take an amended route which will be slightly shorther than originally planned (approx. 10 miles).  Please meet as previously advertised at Clapham Station.  The revised route will also end at Bentham.  Please also note that part of the route is particularly overgrown with nettles etc so it is advised not to wear shorts.

Special Instructions: 
Alight Clapham (09.28), return Bentham.
Date and time: 
Wed, 13/09/2017 (All day)
12 miles
Leeds - Settle - Carlisle
Last updated by David Singleton on 30/08/2017