SCRCA Site 247770: Ribblehead Railway Construction Camp

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Archaeological Site
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Ribblehead Railway Construction Camp
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Distance from London St Pancras by rail
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SCRCA Image: 247770_2007-07-22_MRH_AR_Archaeological-Sites-in-Ribblehead-Area-SCR-1

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Archaeological sites in the Ribblehead area (SCR-1)
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Protection Information

Key parts of this site lie inside the boundaries of both the Settle Carlisle Railway Conservation Area and the "Ribblehead railway construction camp and prehistoric field system" Scheduled Ancient Monument. The latter is covered by List Entry Number (LEN) 1015726.

The relevant entry in "The National Heritage List for England" can be reviewed at:

The boundaries of these two 'protected' areas are significantly different and, at the present time, neither covers the entire site. The map on page 28 of the "Conservation Area Appraisals in the Yorkshire Dales National Park - Settle-Carlisle Railway - Adopted Document" (published by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority in 2010) indicates the approximate coverage of both boundaries. This publication can be downloaded (in the form of a 4Mb pdf file) via the following link:

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Additional information and / or images may be available via the Structure / Site Summary:

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