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Bridge SAC/33 - Helwith Bridge / Austwick Road (PROW - minor road)

Bridge SAC/33 - Helwith Bridge (PROW - minor road)

Key details from the SCRCA Structure Record

Brief description: Bridge SAC/33 - Helwith Bridge / Austwick Road (PROW - minor road)

Assessment status: Assessed

Location 1 - Rail-miles: 240

Location 2 - Chains: 40.00

Location 3 - Position relative to main running lines (tracks): Above

Is a structure of this type shown at this location on the MR 1911 landplan?: Yes

Construction / installation period: MR-C

Current Use: Railway ops

Visibility: Visible

Accessibility (ease of access): Easy

The List Entry Number (LEN) for this structure is 1289480.

The relevant entry in "The National Heritage List for England" can be reviewed at:

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1289480 HELWITH BRIDGE      Gr-II North Yorkshire Craven    YDNP

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30 August 2012
Bridge SAC/33 - Helwith Bridge (PROW - minor road)     

Primary / Secondary References

Source: "The Midland railway: its rise and progress. A narrative of modern enterprise" by Frederick Smeeton Williams, published by Strahan & Co London (1876). The following extract is from pages 486:

"Here a county road has for many years been carried over the Ribble by a little bridge; but the county authorities refused the railway company permission to make a level crossing, so the public road had to be diverted and conducted over the river and the railway by a viaduct of considerable length, which, standing beside its little old predecessor, furnished, our engineer remarked, a contrast between "bridges, ancient and modern." Near this spot the line passes along what was once the bed of the river, which had to be diverted along a new course blasted out for it; and by the side of the river a long wall has been erected to protect the embankment from floods."

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