Structure / Site Summary for 288281

Langwathby Station

288280: Langwathby Station - Main Building:Elevation view from the north east

Key details from the SCRCA Site Record

Brief description: Langwathby Station

Assessment status: Assessed

Location 1 - Rail-miles: 288

Location 2 - Chains: 23.00

Construction / installation period: MR-C

Current Use:

Railway ops

Visibility: Visible

Accessibility (ease of access): Easy

Structure Location Map

Tips: This structure is located approximnately at the centre of the map below at the pointed end of the red marker. To adjust the scale of the map, either click on the [+] and [-] buttons (if Google has displayed these in the top-left corner of the map) or double-click your mouse buttons anywhere in the map area: left button = [+] = zoom-in, right button = [-] = zoom out). To 'pan' (move) the map, hold-down the left mouse button, then move the mouse. To open an information bubble containing brief details of the structure, left-click on the red marker. Please note that the position of the marker is approximate because Google keeps moving the map (yes, really!).

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