Structure / Site Summary for 297690

Bridge SAC/322 - Common (occupation)

Bridge SAC/322 - Southeast elevation view

Key details from the SCRCA Structure Record

Brief description: Bridge SAC/322 - Common (occupation)

Assessment status: Assessed

Location 1 - Rail-miles: 297

Location 2 - Chains: 54.50

Location 3 - Position relative to main running lines (tracks): Below

Is a structure of this type shown at this location on the MR 1911 landplan?: Yes

Construction / installation period: MR-C

Current Use: Railway ops

Visibility: Part-visible

Accessibility (ease of access): Easy

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Notes / additional information

The embankment immediately adjacent to (and to the south of) Bridge SAC/322 suffered a partial collapse in December 2015 following an extended period of particularly wet weather. As the embankment collapsed, it demolished part of the bridge's south-eastern wing wall.

Temporary repairs were made by Network Rail within a few days.

Permanent repairs were undertaken during the first quarter of 2017. (Eden District Council Planning Application Number 16/1069 relates to these works.) As part of the permanent repairs*:

  • a concrete culvert was constructed through the bridge arch (to allow surface water to drain from the western side of the embankment);
  • the two parapet walls were reduced in height;
  • the 'tunnel' (bridge arch) was infilled with 'foamed concrete';
  • the wingwalls were 'decommissioned'; and
  • the void was infilled with 'compacted class 6N fill'.

* Source: A pdf document submitted by Network Rail to Eden District Council as part of the planning process. At the time this document was reviewed, its filename was "16-1069 - Drawings.pdf".

In essence, the original bridge was entombed and completely hidden from view.

Bridge 322 lies within the Settle-Carlisle Railway Conservation Area. However, despite this, the Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line were NOT consulted (by either Network Rail or Eden District Council) prior to these works being undertaken.

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