Structure / Site Summary for 304130

Cumwhinton - Station Master's House (detached)

Cumwhinton Station Master's house: Elevation from north and road

Key details from the SCRCA Structure Record

Brief description: Cumwhinton - Station Master's House (detached)

Assessment status: Assessed

Location 1 - Rail-miles: 304

Location 2 - Chains: 10.50

Location 3 - Position relative to main running lines (tracks): Down

Is a structure of this type shown at this location on the MR 1911 landplan?: Yes

Construction / installation period: MR-C

Current Use: Residential

Visibility: Part-visible

Accessibility (ease of access): Easy

The List Entry Number (LEN) for this structure is 1087655.

The relevant entry in "The National Heritage List for England" can be reviewed at:

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Primary / Secondary References

Plate 168 is an elevation view from October 1984 showing the station master’s house at Langwathby (/scrca/structure-summary/288320), standing near to the Alston Road, at the entrance to the station.  The style remained the same at all locations, and is detailed in Figure 88 at Cumwhinton.  

As with the stations, the materials used for construction varied, in this case the local red sandstone was used.

Plate 217 shows the Cunwhinton stationmaster’s house from the south-east, built of red sandstone and standing above the station approach.

Figure 88 shows diagrams of a typical stationmaster’s house for the Settle and Carlisle Railway, from an official drawing.

Structure Location Map

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