Structure / Site Summary for 308101

Carlisle Citadel Station

Carlisle Citadel Station: The new waiting area for platforms 5 & 6

Key details from the SCRCA Site Record

Brief description: Carlisle Citadel Station

Assessment status: Assessed

Location 1 - Rail-miles: 308

Location 2 - Chains: 7.00

Construction / installation period: Pre-69

Current Use: Railway ops

Visibility: Visible

Accessibility (ease of access): Easy

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Primary / Secondary References

The '' website provides free online access to a small but fascinating selection of low-resolution aerial photographs covering parts of Britain. Some of these images cover parts of the Settle-Carlisle Railway Conservation Area. Unfortunately, the terms of use prevent these images being reproduced here without payment of a license fee (which we cannot afford). However, the images can be viewed directly on the Britain From Above website by using the search facility provided on that website.

  • For the quarry sites between Langcliffe and Stainforth, search for "Craven Lime Works".
  • For the quarry sites at Helwith Bridge and Horton, search for "Ribblesdale Lime Works".
  • For Carlisle Citadel Station, search for "Carlisle Citadel".


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