The Settle-Carlisle Railway Conservation Area (SCRCA) Project: Introduction and Overview

A line diagram showing the relative position of the open and closed railway stations within the SCRCA, with distances from London St Pancras via the Midland Railway Company's main line.The SCRCA Project

At the beginning of 2012, a very small group of volunteers launched a long-term project to:

  • identify, catalogue and create a comprehensive record of key railway-related structures and sites within (or associated with) the Settle - Carlisle Railway Conservation Area; then to
  • gradually research and document the history of the most 'interesting' sites and structures.

The composite images above illustrate the wide variety of site- and structure-types that are being catalogued and recorded as part of the project. They include:

The task of cataloguing and recording the locations associated with the SCRCA is well underway and, despite the very small size of the project team, it is hoped that this initial phase of the project will be complete by the end of 2019.

The SCRCA Project Database

Although the task of gathering and uploading material is still ongoing, the project has already generated a significant quantity of material (information, images, etc.). One of the primary objectives of the project is to provide public access to this material wherever it is appropriate for us to do so. To this end, it is now possible to 'virtually visit' the SCRCA via the following webpages:

The two 'virtual visit' pages mentioned above focus on the main extant (standing) structures and they only show structures that have been visited on the ground or assessed remotely using cab-view footage or similar. There are also two comprehensive 'gazetteer' pages that provide access to ALL of the available (unrestricted) material. If you are interested in the more minor structures (such as mileposts, gradient posts, level crossings, sidings, etc.), structures that have been demolished, archaeological sites, and / or locations that have not yet been visited / assessed, use the 'gazetteer' pages:

New material will be generated and uploaded on an occassional basis for the foreseeable future.

All of the structures and sites associated with the SCRCA Project have been classified by 'type'. Some have been further classified by 'variant'. A list of the types and variants (with definitions) is available on the following pages:

Some of the structures within the SCRCA benefit from additional official protection such as 'listing' (for structures) and 'scheduling' (for sites). A list of the various protection categories associated with the SCRCA Project is available on the SCRCA Protection Category Definitions page.

The SCRCA Project uses a wide variety of both general and specialist terminology. The latter includes terms drawn from the fields of archaeology, architecture and conservation, as well as from railway engineering and railway operations. A Glossary of terms and code-list has been created to provide brief definitions for the key terms and, where necessary, to clarify their use / meaning in the context of the SCRCA Project.

A series of Background Articles have been uploaded to accompany and expand upon the site- and structure-specific information.

The SCRCA Project Reference Sources page lists a few potentially useful sources of information relating to the SCRCA, with sections for:

  • Building the line,
  • Historic Structures,
  • Historic Operations and
  • General Settle-Carlisle Railway History

Information relating to data control, copyright and data-usage is provided on the 'SCRCA Project: Notes regarding data control, copyright and usage' page.

The SCRCA Project Team

A list of the current members of the SCRCA Project Team (with mini-biographies, where available) is provided on the 'SCRCA Project Team Members' page.

If you'd like to help us with any aspect of the SCRCA Project, we would very much like to hear from you. The areas where voluntary assistance would be most helpful are listed and briefly explained on the 'SCRCA Project: Getting Involved' page.

Background & context

A short briefing document has been prepared to place the SCRCA Project in context by providing:

  • a brief overview of the purpose and management of Conservation Areas in general;
  • the background to evaluating Conservation Area structures that may be under threat of alteration or demolition / removal;
  • the historical precedent for embracing 'managed change' within the SCRCA; and
  • a quick look at the implications of all this for the SCRCA Project.

This briefing document is presented on the Background & context page.

A plea for information, photographs etc

If you have any photographs, film / video, plans, drawings, or information relating to the design, construction, use, or demolition / removal of structures within the SCRCA that you are willing to share with the SCRCA Project Team, please contact us. When doing so, please briefly state the nature and content of the information / material in question, along with your terms regarding its use. (The SCRCA Project Team will respect and comply with any reasonable terms regarding the use of material supplied in connection with the SCRCA Project and we are happy to discuss and agree such terms in advance.) We are especially seeking photographs or drawings of structures that have been demolished.


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