If you live outside the valid postcode area for the Dales Railcard, as a FoSCL member you can purchase a Dales Railcard through FoSCL. For details of what the Dales Railcard offers, see:


Please note that FoSCL Dales Railcards are only available to existing paid-up FoSCL members and that your membership must have at least 3 months left to run.

All FoSCL Dales Railcards are despatched via Royal Mail to the address associated with the FoSCL membership number provided when the order is placed. Please allow 7-10 days (from the date of order) for the railcard to be delivered.


Q: Can Railcards be 'downloaded' or otherwise made available for instant use?
A: No. Electronic versions of Railcards are not currently available. The Railcard will be posted to you as quickly as possible.

Q: Can I use the 'order acknowledgement' to get discounts on fares while waiting for my Railcard to arrive?
A: No. You must show the actual Railcard when buying tickets (or quote your unique railcard reference when buying tickets online). You must also have the Railcard with you when travelling using tickets purchased with the Railcard discount.

Price: £12.50