The Story of the Settle - Carlisle Railway


The Story of the Settle-Carlisle
From Kingfisher. 1 hr 30 mins running time.
'The Story of the Settle-Carlisle Railway' is a 'must' for those who want to know something of the history of the line, from its beginnings in rivalry with the London & North Western, its construction, its stations and structures, the threat of closure, the fight to save it, and its renaissance as a passenger and freight carrying railway operating 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. There are interviews with staff and volunteers including FoSCL's Ruth Evans. These include the manager who was sent to close the line but succeeded in turning round its fortunes, the engineer in charge of repairing the the Ribblehead viaduct, and a signalman describes aspects of railway operation once routine around the country but now passing into history. And there is unique footage of the day when members of the public were able to walk across Ribblehead viaduct – something which is highly unlikely to happen again.