Introduction to the History Section

The Settle-Carlisle Railway is one of the best documented railways in the world and its story has been told in many different ways in a wide variety of formats.

Rather than simply regurgitate information that is readily available elsewhere, the 'History' section of the FoSCL website is being used to post new - and, in many cases, exclusive - material covering the following broad topics:

  • History of FoSCL: The origins and development of the Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line (FoSCL).
  • Building the line: The planning and construction of the Settle-Carlisle Railway.
  • Historic operations: The operation and maintenance of the Settle-Carlisle Railway from its opening to freight traffic in 1875 to its formal reprieve from closure in 1989.
  • Historic structures: The two decommissioned signal boxes that are now maintained by FoSCL members and which operate as small museums / interpretation centres, namely:
  • The Settle-Carlisle Railway Conservation Area (SCRCA) Project: This is an independent project by a small group of volunteers that aims to:
    • create a comprehensive illustrated catalogue of the structures and sites associated with the SCRCA; and then to
    • gradually research and document the history of the most 'interesting' sites and structures.

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Introduction to the History Posts

History Posts are an eclectic mix of articles and snippets of history-related information uploaded on an occassional basis and derived from a number of different sources including:

  • authorised / legally acceptable reproductions, extracts or summaries of:
    • articles previously published in the FoSCL Journal or other publications and
    • posts in the FoSCL Members' Forum;
  • short articles written specifically to appear on the FoSCL website as 'History Posts'; and
  • snippets of information sent to (or otherwise obtained by) the small group of FoSCL volunteers who are seeking to significantly increase the level of public access to information relating to the history of the Settle-Carlisle Railway.

Teasers for all of the currently available History Posts are displayed on the most appropriate page in the History section. Those on this page (see below) are of a very general nature, while those on the other four main history pages (History Of FoSCL, Building The Line, Historic Operations and Historic Structures) have a much tighter focus.

If you have any material that you feel would make an interesting 'history post' please Contact us.

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History Posts for 'General SCR History'

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Written by Colin Speakman. Transcription of talk given on 13th April 2014 as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations in the Hallmark Hotel, Carlisle.      
Date posted: 2014-Jun-05 11:33:58   /   Date last updated: 2014-Jun-05 11:33:58