Dentdale bus

FoSCL has made a major contribution to the saving of the Saturday bus service from Dent station. 
At the April committee meeting, it was voted that "The committee will offer a grant of £1500 towards the cost of the running of the 564 bus service provided that other sources of funding are made available and the service takes place on the basis that the bus service runs from the 1st May 2011 until the end of October, and furthermore it is made clear to the operator that the service is specifically for the purpose of meeting the service trains at Dent Station".
Without this emergency funding the bus would have ceased operating from April 2011 and the County Council were no longer able to afford to support it.  This would have impacted two of FoSCL's planned guided walks from Dent and would have caused hardship to other walkers and local residents.
Dent Parish Council have written to thank FoSCL for their financial support.

Last updated by Richard Morris on 10/01/2014