Myths of the Settle-Carlisle Line

No railway line has been written about more than the Settle–Carlisle. The story of its construction by an indomitable army of navvies, and subsequent dramas when trains began to use the track, have become legendary. But just how many of these familiar stories are true?


There's a chance to find out at The Folly in Settle on Saturday 13 April at 7.30pm, when Nigel Mussett gives a talk entitled  “Settle–Carlisle Railway: Busting the Myths”. An authority on the line's history, Nigel will focus on some of the more bizarre tales associated with it and attempt to separate fact from fiction.


There is a limited number of seats available for this event, which is bound to be popular. Tickets can be booked now on 01729 822893.


The talk coincides with the official opening of The Museum of North Craven Life's redesigned railway exhibition by the Chairman of the Friends of the Settle–Carlisle Line. One of the museum's favourite attractions, this new exhibition should attract even more visitors this year.

Last updated by Richard Morris on 13/01/2016