New Settle-Carlisle web site

After 14 years, the tried and trusted Settle-Carlisle Partnership web site,, has been comprehensively updated.
That's the one that tells you all you need to know about the Settle-Carlisle Line.  So why the one you're now browsing?  The Partnership consist of three organisations: Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line, (that's us), the Settle-Carlisle Railway Development Company, and the Settle & Carlisle Railway Trust.  In recent years each one has developed its own web site as well, because each one has some unique things to say. 
The Partnership web site has always been the one that comes top of the results of a Google search.  It's the starting point for those that don't know the line well.  Guided Walks?  FoSCL membership?  That's clearly us, so people are directed to this site via a link. 
Have a look for yourself!  And let us know what you think...
FoSCL Chairman

Last updated by Richard Morris on 12/01/2014