Portillo's S&C radio programme

You can listen to Michael Portillo's radio programme on the post-Beeching cuts, which was broadcast last Saturday at 8pm on Radio 4.  Click on this link to listen again: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01h2c9p
But hurry, there's only a few days left!
It's worth listening to the entire programme if you have the time.  Otherwise, the relevant bits for the S&C are:
Just under 15 mins in, Tony Freschini gets 2 minutes.
30min 30 sec in, Edward Album, Pete Shaw and Richard Morris get interviewed at Ribblehead - approx 5 mins.
40min 30 sec in, Edward talks to Michael about the famous letter, Drew Haley gets a slot about the present day, 4 mins.
So in total we get about 11 minutes out of a one hour programme, better than might have been expected.

Last updated by Richard Morris on 12/01/2014