Scottish Coal goes bust

We heard at the weekend that Scottish Coal has gone into administration. 



Why should this concern the Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line?  Because we are just that, friends of the Line rather than just of passenger services. We welcome all types of rail traffic: scheduled passenger services, steam charters, freight and diversions.  The more traffic on the line, the brighter its long term future.


Our information is that of the two main freight operators on the S&C, one transports coal from opencast mines that belong to a different company and therefore will not be affected.  The other has been heavily dependent on Scottish Coal and will have to negotiate with the administrators.


There is also imported coal from the Hunterston deep water port, which may make up any shortfall in opencast coal.


No need to panic for the present, but we shall be monitoring the situation.



Last updated by Richard Morris on 12/11/2014