Explore More Intro

The Explore More web site complements the SCRCA web site, both of which form part of our Virtual Visit to the Settle-Carlisle Line.  The Settle-Carlisle Railway Conservation Area project gives detail and photos of almost every structure along the Line, accessed from an interactive map.  It is a uniquely comprehensive record of our built heritage, much of which is gradually disappearing as the railway line is repaired and upgraded.  

Explore More allows you to work your way along the line from the air thanks to Network Rail's detailed aerial survey photos; you can zoom in to see all structures in context.  You can switch between aerial photos, maps and the original Midland Railway plans. Click on icons to find out more about points of interest, stations, viaducts and other structures.

Please note: this web site does not display well on smartphones; any larger screen size is fine.  If you want to look at the 3D models you will need a reasonably fast PC or tablet with plenty of memory.

There are 3D models of Ribblehead Viaduct, Ribblehead navvy camp, and stations at Settle and Horton and you can fly all around these as if you were piloting a drone or light aircraft.

To view, click on https://settlecarlisle.exploremoresettlecarlisle.co.uk/map/#!/