Explore the Settle-Carlisle area with vouchers!

The Settle-Carlisle Railway Development Company have launched vouchers for local businesses, available to anyone. Read on...

Everybody loves a bargain.  Money-saving coupons have been around for decades and, with the advent of online shopping, it’s now really easy to find discount codes when you’re looking for a cheeky deal.

We’ve been working with local businesses for some time now, promoting to offers to Dales Railcard holders.  But, it seemed a shame to limit who could claim these deals.  So, to put that right, we now have Explore – a fantastic new voucher scheme open to anyone!  (This has replaced the Dales Railcard Benefit Scheme.)

If you live in the areas surrounding the railway, further afield, or even if you’re an overseas visitor exploring our beautiful region, you can bag yourself a voucher and enjoy some great deals.  We’ve teamed up with hotels, restaurants, and shops from all over the Dales, Cumbria, and Lancashire who are looking forward to exchanging your voucher for a whole range of tempting discounts.

The latest Explore vouchers are available now to download from https://www.settle-carlisle.co.uk/explore-vouchers/

We’ll be featuring a different Explore voucher on Thursdays on Facebook (@SetCarRailway). All you need to do is head along there, ‘Like’ our page and keep your eyes peeled for our ‘Voucher Thursday’ posts!   You can print out the vouchers or save them on your mobile device if you prefer.  Then just take your voucher along with you to claim the discount.  It couldn’t be easier.