First Real Jericho Walk

The first of the season’s three Jericho Walks was a great success, thanks to everyone that helped make it a success. 
Just over 70 visitors attended of whom about half travelled to/from Ribblehead by train.  Everyone met at the Ribblehead Visitor Centre and enjoyed the new exhibits, displays, explanations and discussions with the walk leaders and volunteers who made the day such a success. Most visitors then travelled to Garsdale & back by train and all paid their appropriate fares to Northern Rail during their two stop journey.  Feedback from visitors – both holidaymakers and locals - was very positive.
It was a great example of teamwork across the S&C family with representatives of FoSCL and the Trust working closely to deliver the event.   Lots of good relationships have been made that we will develop and be valued in the future.  We all enjoyed doing it.  
The RVC takings were the highest on any day this season, and it created additional fare box revenue.
We have two further Jericho walks planned this season and yesterday set a high standard to achieve or better.