FoSCL buys Dent Station

Dent Station, England’s highest mainline railway station building - standing at 1,200 ft above sea level, has been purchased by the Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line.

Paul Brown, chairman of the Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line (FoSCL) said: ”This is a tremendous opportunity for FoSCL to take ownership of England’s highest station to preserve and maintain it, for all to appreciate.  It is a great addition to the heritage property portfolio held by the voluntary bodies supporting the Settle-Carlisle Line and is made possible through the generosity of our members and former members who have bequeathed legacies to safeguard the future of one Britain’s most famously remote and historic railway buildings.”

Michael Portillo, president of FoSCL commented: “I am delighted that, thanks to legacies from its members, FoSCL has been able to buy the lovely Dent station.  I recall staying in a snow cottage at the station during the filming of Great British Railway Journeys, which brought home to me how susceptible the line is at Dent to drifting in winter.  FoSCL benefits from an award-winning restoration, and will assume the responsibility for keeping it looking beautiful, the station being one of the great assets of the line.”