Leeds trains now at Carlisle platform 5

All change!  We've been swapped.  Leeds trains now depart from Platform 5 at Carlisle and Newcastle trains from Platform 6.  Why?  According to Virgin station staff it's because passengers from Newcastle had a habit of piling off the train and getting perilously close to the WCML tracks at Platform 4.  So, are Yorkshire folk better behaved than Geordies?  More likely that with the advent of a half-hourly Carlisle-Newcastle service (yes, half-hourly, what would we give for a regular two-hourly service?!), they'll regularly have two trains at the same platform and may want to use the Collier Street siding instead.  

This could be an opportunity for us. For years we've had the Settle-Carlisle and Hadrian's Wall lines 'gateway' sign above the ends of platforms 5 & 6.  It's yellow lettering on a grey background, so pretty invisible (thank you the former Carlisle Conservation Officer, long since retired).  And it's now the wrong way round, with the Settle-Carlisle on the left above the Newcastle trains and vice versa.  Perhaps Network Rail or Virgin, whoever decided we should be swapped, would like to pay for a new more visible sign?