Platforms for Change

On Tuesday  2nd July Friends  of Settle-Carlisle  Line volunteers welcomed Settle Cubs to the first of four visits as apart of achieving their Platform  for Change Badge and local knowledge/gardening  badge.

Platforms for Change was created recently by the Scouts  Association and Community  Rail Network to raise awareness  and promote local engagement with  Scouting groups and local rail stations. 

Over 4 weeks the local Cubs will learn about Rail Safety, contribute to local station gardening  plans, learn about station history including a visit to the Water Tower and Settle Signal Box.  We have also devised  an I spy challenge to capture the attention of the cubs! . The final week is a rail trip to Ribblehead  Viaduct.

Those leading this initiative from FoSCL perspective are Larry Jones and Jill Tiernan.  Station Adopters Karl Graves and Dave Freer will be involved in the gardening week.  Plus thank you to Mark Rand and Settle Signal Box crew for their support.  S&C Development  Company and Alice Michelmore- Brown(Public Safety Officer from North Yorkshire Fire Service.

Thank you to everyone.