Queensbury Tunnel Restoration

The tunnel is under threat of abandonment.  The photo shows how it could look if restored.

The Queensbury Tunnel Society (http://www.queensburytunnel.org.uk) is campaigning for a Greenway between Bradford and Halifax.  The proposed abandonment of the tunnel by its custodian, Highways England's Historical Railways Estate (HRE), is likely to cost upwards of £7 million. The funds will come from us, the taxpayer. However this presents a once-only opportunity to repair a structure which - when finances allow - could form the centrepiece of a cycle path network connecting Halifax to Bradford and Keighley. 

The Society's sustainable vision is to make the tunnel pay its way - investing those public funds to deliver health, environmental, social and economic benefits for many decades to come. ‘Value for money’ is something we all have a vested interest in.

Time is of the essence. If the tunnel is not secured before HRE's abandonment works start, the opportunity will be lost forever. There is no going back. That's why the Society is asking the Department for Transport to grant a stay of execution, giving stakeholders breathing space to fully assess the tunnel's potential and challenges.  See the website for full details.