Settle Primary School visit the Line

Settle Primary School visited Settle  Station and Ribblehead Viaduct on 8th July as part of their end of term activities.

34 children plus teachers and parent helpers visited Settle Signal Box ringing bells and pulling levers, listened to a rail safety talk given by the Fire Public Safety Officer and Community  Police and heard On Train Guide John Anderton talk about Settle Station History.  The children even  created their own heraldic coat of arms.

They then travelled by train to Ribblehead Station. After lunch and a visit to the Station Tea Room gift shop the children were treated to a talk by Tony Freschini, Retired Engineer who worked on the repair of Ribblehead  Viaduct and other structures along the Settle-Carlisle Line. The children linked hands and gave one of the piers a big hug. What a way to end a day.