John Disney Memorial Day. Settle Historical Walk

Line and direction of outbound train
Leeds - Settle - Carlisle
Special Instructions
Start outside the Naked Man Café, Settle at 1.30pm Connects with 1049 train from Leeds.
1 mile
Description and notes

A short historical stroll around Settle looking at some of its oldest buildings and finding out about their history. The walk will finish at Settle Station and the Water Tower where a short talk will be given by owner Mark Rand who will describe its complete renovation.
The tour will start outside the Naked Man Café at 1.30pm and finish at the Royal Oak where a reception is being held as part of the Dr John Disney Memorial Day.
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We will be holding a number of events to celebrate the life and interests of Dr John Disney, a passionate transport campaigner and supporter of the Settle Carlisle Railway. This will include two guided walks commencing at 1022 and a town centre historical tour around Settle at 1330 to be followed by a reception for all participants at 1545 at the Royal Oak in Settle.

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