13 April 24 - Three Haws from Gargrave to Skipton

Altered route / timing - Altered route and grade - see description
Line and direction of outbound train
Leeds - Settle - Carlisle
Special Instructions
Arrive: Gargrave 10:03 - Depart: Skipton 16:59
14 miles
Walk Leaders
Description and notes

Fabulous views from the tops of Haw Crag, Rough Haw and Sharp Haw on this linear walk from Gargrave to Skipton.

Route: Gargrave, Haw Crag, Friars Head, Flasby, Rough Haw, Sharp Haw, Skipton Woods, Skipton

Distance: 14mi / 22.5km

PLEASE NOTE: The distance of this walk has increased from the advertised 12 miles to 14 miles.
Therefore this is now an Explorer grade walk. Please see definitions of grades on our leaflet or on our Important Information page

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